3 August To the Pole

During August 3rd we traversed from 88 to 90N. At 88 we had approximately 3/10 of our 10/10 ice be 200cm-thick old ice. Again, ponds had frozen rims.

Between 88 45'N and 89 20'N we again passed through the massif of old ice that was seen on the last two trips. The only difference noted was that it appeared more rotten than before (pictured) and was a little thinner and was often under 2m in thickness. In this region we had 8-9/10 ice, of which 6-7/10 was this old and dirty ice.

North of 89 20'N we had an approximately equal mix of old and first year ice (pictured).We continued to see frozen pond rims, and very small ponds were frozen over.


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